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The Ultimate Mashup

November 17, 2011

I got a message from a fellow youtuber/sub the other day expressing his thoughts on how difficult he found Korean Cuisine to be.  We chatted and his message stayed with me for the next 2 days.  The other day, I came home for a quick bite, wanting to prepare myself Kimchi Fried Rice.  I wasn’t even going to do a video on it.  It seemed silly really.  Did people really want to see me mash up Rice/Kimchi together?  I did it anyways.  I got a wonderful thank you –but no, THANK YOU! 😉

Scared of Korean Cuisine?  Think it’s too complicated?  Give this a whirl my friends!  Under 5 ingredients, 10 minutes (and most of the ingredients are optional)!  Oh, and Kimchi is said to have wonderful health benefits.  My mama used to tell me that it prevents Cancer (she also used to tell me the Bogey man was coming to take me away if I didn’t eat all my food) LOLOL.

*If you omit the Bacon, Butter, and sub with Whole Grain Rice or Brown/Basamati Rice, this will be even healthier for you.  But why in the world would you want to not include Bacon and Butter?!  Hmm??  Hmmmmmm?? =D

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