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What else you can do in 10 Minutes…

November 27, 2011

Make Mocha Mochi!

I remember when Mama would make us Mochi on special occasions.  I reflect back fondly on those times.  It happened rarely and when it did, us kids knew we were in for a special treat.  It took such time and dedication, that it was something definitely meant to savor.  However sometimes, it would leave burns on her fingers and hands…understandably so.  She would laboriously pound the HOT, steamed Mochi until it was smooth and elastic…a labor of love, she insisted.

As a grown up, I began making Mochi for her…no special occasion required.  This updated version takes 10 minutes sans the icky burns.  How can you say no?

All you’ll need:

1 cup of Sweet Rice Flour
4 tb Sugar
1/2 ts fine Salt
1 cup of Cold, Brewed Coffee (or 2 shots of Espresso + water to equal 1 cup)
8 ts Drops of Nutella or Chocolate
Dusting of Wheat Starch to sprinkle on your work surface (you can also use Corn Starch)

*Microwave/Steam time varies for different Microwaves, mine takes approx. 3 Minutes*

That’s all she wrote, folks! =D

One Comment
  1. Thank you so much for this recipe! I made it tonight, so easy and so yummy! Especially good since it's gluten free (using corn starch). Thanks again 🙂

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