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My Sunday

November 28, 2011

Included Football in the background and WINGS!  Crispy, hot, succulent, and SPICY!  I swear, if I go a few days without having something spicy in my mouth, I start craving it pretty badly.

From what I understand, Spicy is not considered a flavor but is registered by the brain as pain instead.  I also hear that it can aid in weight loss, help release endorphins, and that some sources of heat such as peppers contain high amounts of Vitamin C.  Whether this is true or not, I loooove spicy!

Whenever I’m in Korea, I get the whole “all-you-can-eat” Chicken Wings Free For All Experience via my Uncles Chicken Shop.  He’s run a pretty successful hole in the wall shop for several years now and one of his most requested flavor are these Honey Sriracha Wings.  They’re Spicy, mellowed out by thick, golden honey.

4 Tb Melted Butter
2 Ts Sesame Oil
4 Tb Sriracha
2 Tb Honey
1-2 Ts Sesame Seed
1 Ts Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

Toss when hot to absorb maximum amount of sauce — add in less Sriracha/omit Red Pepper Flakes or add in more Honey and add Brown Sugar if less Spiciness is desired =D

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