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May I have some more please?

December 10, 2011

Peruvian Food, Round 2.

There’s this place I drive by all the time.  It actually used to be a sketchy little bar that I went to a couple times in College.  It was so lame that the second time we went, we were all wondering why in the world we’d come back.  Anyhow, it’s so nondescript and even more obscure than before that I kind of dismissed it without a second thought.  Well, I decided to take a chance and entered said Restaurant a few weeks ago.  As soon as you walk in, you’re sooo surprised about how clean and well kept the interior is.  I was still pretty skeptical the first time around but my belly won that fight.  I sat and ordered the “Sudado de Mariscos.”  It’s basically this big ole steaming bowl filled with an assortment of Seafood and Tomato Broth.  It’s fragrant with lots O’ fresh Cilantro and Onions.  I happen to love Cilantro!  –and Crab, Shrimp, Mussels, Tilapia, Scallops, and Squid for that matter!!  and that’s what I got –along with a bowl of steamed rice and complimentary Yuca Bread with this amazing creamy Hot Sauce –Yum O!!

The second time around, I got the Bisteck a lo pobre.  It comes with sliced Veggies with a Cilantro Cream dipping sauce, steamed rice, a bed of French Fries, fried Plantains, a nicely medium grilled Steak, and 2 ruuuuunny eggs!!!  Loved it too.  The thing about this place is that a). they don’t dish out the standard boring chips/dip –which other Peruvian places I’ve been to cop out and serve–the Yuca Bread is good but their creamy Hot Sauce is AH-mazing!!  b). their portions are HUMONGO and I think I paid around $10 for ea entree. 

c). they have a case stuffed with freshly baked Peruvian Pastries!

a very hungry Squishy Monster =D

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