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Kim Bap – Kim Bop

December 12, 2011

it don’t matta how ya spell it!  it’s DELISH!!

You Will Need:

5 cups of HOT cooked Rice
3 tb Sesame Oil
3 ts Sesame Seed
S & P
8-10 Sheets of Dried Seaweed/Laver/Sushi Paper

About 8-10 Strips of the Picked Radish
3 Carrots 
6 Beef Franks (cooked before slicing)
5 beaten Eggs
1 Bamboo Sushi Mat

(You can also add or sub with: Steak, Hamburger Meat, Smoked Sausage, Bacon, Chicken, Shrimp, Tuna, Kimchi, Bulgogi, Avocado, Cucumber, Eel, Mango, Crab…anything at all!!!)

*For the purpose of the Korean Rolls, you want your rice to be HOT, if you’d like to make them Japanese style, obtain Sushi Rice, which tends to be stickier and a bit sweeter and mix with Rice Vin + Seasoning and cool it before using it.
*You can fill these bad boys up with anything you want!  You can even dip em in batter, roll em in Panko and Fry!!
*Go crazy with it–fill with whatever you want and like.  Someone even mentioned a sweet filling vs. savory.  Hey, whatever floats your boat!!
*The Bamboo Rolling Mat is not necessary but I found mine for just a few bucks and it makes life soooo much eaiser.
*You def. need a sharp, serrated knife.  It helps to wipe off the sticky rice from the blade between cuts (to make prettier slices)
*You cannot refrigerate these, the rice gets stiff and everything takes on a weird taste and you don’t want to microwave at all.  (Japanese Sushi Rolls may be different).
*These are best eaten the day of.

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