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My Trip to the Asian Mart Today

December 13, 2011

To get absolutely nothing but to walk around and get a Bubble Tea and eat some Pastry =D

The ceiling (cos I’m a weirdo and take pictures of things like that)

The splendid Pastry Case

Bahn mi to Pork Buns

My “cupcake”

The novelty of places like this (even as a fellow Asian) has not worn off.  So what if Pocky isn’t the best thing for you?  I will forever be faithful.  Oh and forgo Sriracha?!  Forgetaboutit!!

My one and only criticism I have about most Asian Markets are the obscured list of ingredients found on in-store labels.  My “cupcake” apparently consists only of Flour, Sugar, and Water.  Ok, whatever.  I still enjoyed it!!! =D

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