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What I’m Lovin’ Right Now

December 16, 2011

My big ole bowl of Meyer Lemons!!

I wish I could smell like a gigantic Meyer Lemon.  These babies have such a soft citrusy scent and the sweetest flavor!  Even its peel is beautifully fragrant.  It makes a nose happy!!

I made a nice batch of Lavender Lemonade with mine as well as some Pound Cake.  These babies were gone in 2–TWO days!! 😦  That’s a shorter life span than my butter and that’s sayin’ a lot!

Next time, I’d like to make some Lemon Cardamom Ice Cream which I heard was lovely.

You could also squeeze to cut through a bit of salty, buttery gravlax, make Chiffon Cake, candy it in some Honey, perfume your Sugar with its Peels (like my Vanilla Sugar video)…oh the possibilites!!  r.i.p Meyer Lemons 😦

Everyone is goin nuts over Preserved Lemons (which if you had to use a Lemon, I would use these if not only just to have them around a bit longer)!  I’m going to be honest–I’ve had Preserved Lemons several times before and it’s just not my thing but they do make for impressive  hostess gifts!

I also am loving Mrs. Meyer’s Gingerbread Dish Soap and Orange Clove Dish Soap which I can’t find here locally aaaannnnywhere.

I’m at the brink of breaking and may have to hoard these bottles from an online shop.  My gf’s went ballistic over the new designer label available at Target, which honestly, I couldn’t tell you who the designer even was, but me?  I literally went to 4 shops last week trying to find this damn Soap!  This was the first thing I did after I got off of work, retarded?–oh yeah, lol.  One thing about me is that I don’t mind making the dishes–however, cleaning the dishes is an entirely different story.  This stuff is so yummy that it takes away from my hatred of dishes.  My perfect set up would be a). automatic self cleaning dishes b). I will do all the cooking if you will do all the cleaning 😉

Spring & Autumny Scents,

Love, Your Squishy Monster

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