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January 2, 2012

Though I’m still sick, the arrival of the New Year is both unapologetic and in-yo-face.  She doesn’t care if you’re sick–hell, the majority of the American Population is probably nursing a nasty hangover today.  Unfortunately, I’m not that kind of sick.  Regardless, within the four corner confines of my bed, I was able to string together a New Year Resolution of sorts.  (To preface this, I don’t believe in compiling a restrictive list of things you can’t or shouldn’t do).  As a wise man once told me, there is only what you do and what you don’t do.  For 2012, I intend on meshing two things to create one super intention: to Travel more and EAT MORE.  Not less, MORE.  Even within my city limits, there are some great dining experiences just waiting to be had.  Sadly, due to a frequent overload of work, my “little black book” (mine is exclusively reserved for food and food related things) has been sitting idly, collecting dust.  Last year, I ate a decade worthy amount of Asian Food and then some.  Biased, yes.  I love me some Asian Food.  Pho, Laksa, Pad Thai, Bhuna, Sashimi, Durian (yes, Durian), and the never ending Korean food my mother or I create.  In 2012, I intend on venturing out to eat more Nigerian, Cuban, Irish, Middle Eastern, hell, even Taco Trucks!…anything and everything (I say with curious caution–is that possible)? =D
Confession 235: I’ve never had Matzo Ball Soup in my life.  Needless to say, I shall be eating my way through 2012.

Ahchoo!  BOOOOOO 😦

But before I go, I wanted to share this b.c it made me chuckle

G’night Folks!


Your still sniffly Squishy Monster 😦

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