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Day 1

January 5, 2012

To begin, I probably won’t be able to chronicle each and every single day that I’ll be here but in the whirlwind flurry of events since 7 am yesterday, I’m quite a bit too over processed to come up with a snazzy title, lol.

Yesterday began with my Breakfast of Champions: Kimchi Jjigae + Pizza.  Yes.  That’s right.  Don’t judge me.
I went from home to Minnesota to Washington to Honolulu.  I eventually lay my head down on a pillow just after midnight.  Believe it or not, I haven’t yet stepped foot on any sandy beach or snapped anything cool to share with ya’ll…yet.  Since 8 this morning, our brood has been cleaning, prepping, and cooking for the 3 day event that will comprise of a Traditional Tongan Funeral.  The stupid Roosters wouldn’t let me sleep in.  They’re apparently everywhere (like Squirrels, lol).  Everyone is [surprisingly–or maybe not] in good spirits.  Death shall be commemorated as a celebration of life!  I promise to take as many pictures as I can and hopefully, before I leave next week, I’ll be able to do a little sightseeing…pleeeeease? =D  (we’ll see).

I’ve actually never met my Great Aunt but in the words of my Uncle, what better way to honor her memory than to gather those who knew and loved her best to reunite and perpetuate more love, laughter, and life to those still living?  Today, tomorrow, and maybe the next day will include preparations for the arrival of approximately 1,000 people.  No, this is not an exaggeration.  Crazy, huh?

Food wise, nothing sexy or exciting…yet…there’s that word again 😦

I can tell you that someone had to run out for a carton of milk today…$7.  (and that was the non organic kind this morning)…my Venti Starbucks was like $8, and last night, bc I came in soooo freaking late, nothing else was open or everyone was tired and grump (I forget which one, lol) and I succumbed to the convenient bitch that is the fast food establishment.  My meal was $7.  Booo on that!

I will tell you one thing, however.  If you’re like me and had to book a last minute emergency flight and are traveling with limited funds, Breakfast Sandwiches are fantastic.  I had like 4 yesterday + chips and chocolate to snack on throughout the day + a Coconut Water right around my $20 budget for all day eatin’.  Lifesavers also came in the form of 1). my hair tie…at one point, I was eating my hair bc I literally had 15 min. to run from one side of the airport to the other 2). a neon colored booklet to carry your Passport/ID/Tickets/Documents in…if you’re like me and have a mammoth sized purse, it’s easy to spot in that bottomless pit! 3). Free apps to play games in a sad but measureable attempt at distracting you from overlays–the long ones.  I had 15 min for one, 2 hours for another… 4). Gum, Hand Sanitizer (does eeeeverything have to be sticky)?
I’m sure there are other things, but I packed for a week in 15 minutes, lol.

So far, the most interesting thing I’ve seen is a Tree bearing prickley lime colored fruit that looks like a fat cactus when I was taking out the trash.

Wish me stamina!!

Funky Fruit and $7 Chicken Nuggets
Love, Your Squishy Monster


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  1. Well, If you ever need a late night meal there's always Zippy's! Open 24/7

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