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Full Moons Drive Me Crazy

February 8, 2012

All funny business aside, I do detest a full moon. 

Through my personal studies, it appears that tests are inconclusive and who knows how much media hype surrounds the true power of the Lunar effect.  Sure, they speak of Lunar Tidal effects + our bodies being made up of 80% water, but who are “they” anyways? 

I half kid.

All’s I know is that full moon = an off Squishy Monster.  All day has been weird for me and true, one can perpetuate an idea and manifest it into reality but each and every full moon?  I don’t think so Buster!  I’ve had a strange cloak of lethargy burdening my shoulders all day and I haven’t wanted to eat which in itself is strange.  Sad, Happy, Tired?  It doesn’t typically matter to this little Monster. 

Needless to say, I’ve no pictures of Mackerel to share today!  (cos I know you guys are just dying to see another picture of a fishy that lost its fate to my tummy, lol).  However in accordance with my strange day, after my work, I drove all the way to the mall to buy nothing more than a Candy Apple.  Lol–what can you do but chuckle? =D

There are only a few places that I actually hate.  I hate the Circus and I kind of hate the Mall with a passion.  I will only accompany you if you promise to buy me a Latte and a Pretzel (that and usually, it’s the only “exercise” I get.  It’s a great way to walk around while you simultaneously people watch).

Do you
A). Go to the Mall to sleep?

B). Go to the Mall to read a magazine?

I got myself a plain Candy Apple

I kind of regretted it after I sat down to bite into my naked one when the little girl beside me looked up at me with a grin–her face smeared with Chocolate and her chin dripping with Caramel but alas, there’s nothing like a Classic and to me, nothing is like a glassy Ruby Red Candy Apple.  It’s so devilishly sweet and sticky–just as you’d imagine Snow Whites last glorious bite was like before she fell into her deep slumber.

In this same mall, they have a tank filled to the brim with fresh water Fish.  Though a mediocre substitute for an Aquarium, it sufficed.  As much as I abhor the Circus or the Mall, the Aquarium in one of the most enchanting places for me.  I could sit behind the glass and stare at Fish all day.  It has always had such a calming and soothing effect on me. 

Here was my favorite one–he would come up to the glass, wink, and shimmy his way up and across as if he were proudly displaying himself for all to see. 

oook so maybe he didn’t wink at me 😉

Now maybe I didn’t come away from this place with stiff and glossy bags filled with Couture Clothing or soiled with ridiculously expensive Perfume that I wouldn’t even know how to justify wearing –to spray what would seem like money into the air!  (Can you imagine)?  However, between the love/hate of it all, I was so much more happier driving home. 

Belly filled with Sugar and Fish that hypnotized me into a smile.

Have a strange and beautiful Full Moon!

Love always,

Your Squishy Monster

  1. haha that guy sleeping is funny!!! Oh and where can i get mackerel? I would love to make some in a pan? I guess I could google it…

  2. Hey Julie!lol..right!?Dad usually gets it "fresh" from any Asian Market but then you have to gut them yourself. Most places (from my experience will only scale/clean your fish) then charge you lots to filet or gut them.9 out of 10 times, I just go to the Korean store and buy it in the frozen section. Where I go, it's around $5 for 3-ish pieces of fish and then I just pop em right out of the freeze and bake them directly in a 400 oven for 20ish minutes. G'luck Julie!!

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