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Weird Things I Like to Eat

March 8, 2012

Now to preface this, I want to say that there was a time (when I was…7)?  I thought Hamburger Helper was dinner.  Mom and Dad worked A LOT and even that is an understatement.  They came here in the 70’s with not much to their name and the beginning portion of their venture here in America was inundated by blocks of Goliath proportions.  I resented this when I was little and me and my baby brother’s had to make do without things that other kids may have taken for granted.  There were multiple times when I took uncooked Ramen Noodles for school lunch, lol.  My parents did the best they could but in the beginning, it was hard.  If there was money to make a decent meal, they didn’t have the luxury of spending too much time on it or we wouldn’t have enough money in the first place for that decent meal.  Needless to say, me and my brother’s have very fond memories of eating a lot of Vienna Sausages and Spam washed down with Gallon jug sizes of pre mixed “kool-aid”…you know, the generic stuff that’s tinted neon colors?  LOL.  Now please don’t judge.  It made for the most eclectic and colorful childhood.  No matter what the situation, my parents made sure we got lots of love.  They went without so that they could afford Tutoring or Music Lessons for us.  They always showered us with love, tempered by a stern hand and taught us the important lessons in life.  I have such brilliant memories of things like us not being able to afford a swing set.  No worries.  Dad built us one!  It wasn’t the prettiest thing but we had one that me and my siblings could swing high on and feel like we were flying.  For the longest time, the thing haunting my greatest nightmares were made of things like the electric blue couch that Dad reupholstered.  It was made of a felt material and the jury is out on whether it was a thrift store purchase or dumpster pick up.  Either way, it was a crazy looking couch that haunted me for years.  Not until I grew older and matured did I realize and understand that things like the crazy electric blue couch are mere illustrations of a both crazy and wonderful childhood. Without it, I also would’ve never been introduced to:

  • Canned Beans mixed with Canned Corn with Scrambled Eggs on the side with a generous drizzle of Ketchup.
  • Frozen Blueberry Bagels dipped in Chocolate Milk
  • Egg, Bacon, and Strawberry Jam Sandwiches
  • Canned Mackerel with Onions
  • Boiled Beef or whole Chicken dipped in Ketchup (something my Pops did for me and I still love it).
  • I ate uncooked Ramen for years

I have a sneaking suspicion that this list is way incomplete or truth be told, perhaps I have a mental block on such things that I was extremely embarrassed about for so long as a kid but now find just down right hilarious.  Poor middle school me…I remember wondering to myself why I had uncooked Ramen sealed in a Ziplock baggie with a bruised Persimmon that encouraged everyone to crowd around me to poke at my poor tear dropped fruit.  “oooh what IS that!?” they’d ask to which I didn’t know then how to respond.  Mom and dad were always ones to tell me only the Korean name of things…they also had me calling “AC” air corn for the looongest time, LOL.

So in the spirit of gravitating towards the weird, my adult obsession with Durian manifests, even in the virtual world.  (My friends and family thank you for providing a distraction, even if in the smallest measurement, to take the stench away from them and introducing it to you)!  =D

For the Shake:

  • Blend equal parts of: Frozen Durian Fruit (de seeded), Yogurt, Milk
  • Honey, Sugar, Agave to taste

For the Bubbles:

  • Cook according to the specific directions on the back of your packages but for mine, I cooked 1 cup of Pearls in 5 cups Water for about 10 ish minutes and when all the bubbles floated to the top, I clamped the lid down and let it sit for an additional 5 minutes–drained, rinsed in warm water, and let them swim in a cup of sugar water.

Wouldn’t it be cool if everything were so bright and colorful?

(but maybe not as stinky, LOL)

Your Squishy Monster

One Comment
  1. ahh yumm!! and i actually really really like vienna sausages, my mom use to buy those for me when she worked too lol btw i tagged you in a post 🙂

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