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Blueberry Muffins on a Blue Day

March 14, 2012

Yesterday and today were a bit rough for me.  Irritatingly so too bc the weather outside was delightful (who says delightful anymore) but it truly was.  There isn’t much that can compete with the feeling of a full belly filled with a yummy meal, windows rolled down, music cranked all the way up, and the wind blowing in your hair.  Determined not to be buried too deep, I relished this feeling.  Your cheeks flush, your lungs gulp up the fresh air and your favorite song is blaring and you’re half screaming, half singing along.  For a quick pick me up, I swung by a corner bake shop, feeling laden with the gripping anxiety that can so selfishly seem to not want to let go.  I bought a gigantic Sugar Cookie.  Food never fails in providing me with such great pleasure.  As I dug in my purse, frustrated that I had allowed it to get so littered with crumpled up receipts and wondering where that last dime was that I needed, the man at the register asked me how I was doing and how my day was –in the most sincerest and warmest way.  It really made me pause and take a breath.  Just asking me, really asking me made my mouth itch to smile instead of remaining frozen in the grimace I’d worn most of the day. Thank you Mr. Stranger. 

Whenever I feel down and out, I find immediate comfort in the Kitchen.  When almost every exposed part of me is dusted with Flour and my hands smell of Butter and Sugar and the Kitchen perfumes the entire house with freshly baked Pastry smells, I feel much more centered.  I believe there to be truth to Aromatherapy.  There’s such an incredible tangible quality to the grittiness of Sugar between your fingers or the feeling of plump round berries in your hand.  Then, there are the colors and smells!!  The color of creamy batter dotted with round fruit and specked with golden Lemon Zest…the bright and citrusy scent that the Lemon releases…when such things are lovingly poured into a bowl, you are so quickly rewarded with such simple pleasures like…

Blueberry and Lemon Cream Muffins!


  • 2 c unbleached, unbromated all purpose Flour
  • 1/2 ts fine, table Salt
  • 1/2 ts Baking Soda (not Powder)


  •  1 c Sugar
  • 2 Eggs (at room temp)
  • 1/2 c melted Butter or Canola or Veggie Oil
  • 1 ts pure Vanilla Extract
  • 1 c full fat Yogurt or Sour Cream
  • 1 c (or more) of Blueberries
  • Zest of 1 Lemon 

These babies will bake at 350 for about 17-20 min for standard cupcake size Muffins.
These are especially lovely with Orange Marmalade or a dollop of Citrusy Marscapone Cream ^.^

Turning Blue Days into Blueberry Muffins…

Your Squishy Monster

  1. There's such a Zen to baking, and I definitely related to your descriptions above! When life gets too rough and harried, I find solace in the kitchen. As my uncle was dying of cancer in January, I baked non-stop for almost a week. When I wasn't at work, I was baking. I made angel food cake, muffins, cupcakes . . . and then I divvied them up to my entire family, trying to give comfort when I didn't have much comfort to give. Hang in there — and your blueberry and lemon muffins sound great!

  2. I completely relate. There's something soothing about handeling food, transforming it – devouring it! What a blessing it is.

  3. Thank you Meg!!! What a relief. Sometimes, my non foodie friends look at me as if I'm completely bizarre, as if an alien has abducted my body. Not many people can relate to cooking being a calming moment vs the general stereotype of it being just work, lol.

  4. Hey Mikaela! I think there's something to be said about people like us. (we're genius)! I find that food can give back in so many more ways than an expensive pair of stilettos can. Thank you for visiting with me!!

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