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Warm Goat Cheese

March 20, 2012

That’s what I had as a late night snack last night.  I’ve been going to bed no earlier than 4 am.  I rationalize, “hey, there could be worse things and there will definitely be a time in my life when that’s not even feasible!”  LOL.  The gluttonous monster who lives inside of me also likes to rationalize with food.  If and when food is involved, all typical conventions shall be thrown out the window.  I have a rather large Foodie crush on Nigella–Nigella in all her wisdom involving matters of food.  She exudes sensuality with every bite.  She is how the term “foodgasm” was coined-I’m sure of it, lol.  She too will advocate for naughty nibbles late into the night.

Going back to late night snacks–’tis a beautiful thing.  Clothed in Jammies, what an adventure it is to stumble into your half lit Kitchen to peruse the shelves in a pantry or fridge where the yummy things live.  I experience the childish naughtiness of what it’s like to be a kid again, to do something that you’re really not suppose to be doing.  Imagine someone witnessing you with hair disheveled and your fingers on one hand dripping with Nutella and your other arm clutching a bag of Pretzels.  What a sight that must be!  This is exactly how you would see me most nights past midnight.

This is what kept me company last night:

Grilled Baguettes, crispy and chewy with a thick, generous smear of tangy Goat Cheese, sprinkled with a beautiful medley of smoky, Roasted Veggies…aka the-best-damn-thing-I’ve-put-in-my-mouth in weeks!!!

Midnight Cravings and Warm Goat Cheese,

Your Jammie Clad Squishy Monster ^.^

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