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The Most Awkward BLT EVER

March 26, 2012

I just got home from seeing Baby Brother doin’ it up big for his show like a BOSS!  I am so happy to share that not only did he kill it, he also came in FIRST PLACE and won $100!  He and his friends sang a song that he wrote.  On the program it states, “David has been writing songs since he was a zygote”…’tis very true.  I miss his presence at home.  You can always tell where he’s located within the house by following the sound of his singing…like a breadcrumb trail, only you feel much more satisfied once you really take the time to listen to his beautifully, often times bittersweet lyrics, intricately woven with raw, gut-wrenching emotion that twists you away from whatever you are doing, just to listen to the climactic high point of his “story.” 

He opened by strumming his guitar, pausing between songs to charm the audience with jokes.  The trio, dubbed “The Dads with Loud Sneezes” polished off their set with a fierce dance off.  Driving up the Mountain is definitely not one of my favorite things to do, but driving up to see my Baby Brother with his captivating smile and entertaining the crowd was definitely worth it.

HOWEVER, the only hiccup in the trip were the people gawking at me as my friend and I sat to grab a quick bite.  We had pulled into the nearest exit, and I kid you not, the moment I walked in, a subtle hush (but really, how subtle can a hush be) swept the dining floor.  My friend noticed it too and we joked it off.  Mind you, I live in North Carolina.  To this day, I still meet people that comment on how I’m one of the first Asian people they’ve ever seen.  C’mon people!  It’s 2012 for goodness sakes!  To be fair, the stretch between where I live to Boone has bits of obscure little towns wedged in sporadically here and there.  I’m talkin’ about Towns that consider their local Mcdonald’s an anchor restaurant, dotted with tons of Mom and Pop places just called “Restaurant.”  I shrugged it off, having experienced it all before.  I proceeded to seat myself and bite into my BLT and glanced up to see people gawking–like-put-down-their-sandwich-to-pause-and-stare-gawking.  To me, the situation was as follows: I have food in front of me so therefore, it shall take precedence.  I chomped away and smiled winningly at my friend.  Really enjoying the crispiness of my Bacon, smothered with a glob of good Mayo.  I’ll give Country folk one thing, they sure do know how to make a decent Mayo!  In response my friend (bless his heart) tells me that it’s just because I’m striking and therefore, interesting to look at.  I however, am not a prized show Animal.  I think I’ll start charging a fee =D LOL

In aaaany event,

David, your sister is so very proud of you!!!  I swear, it was just moments ago when me and Daniel were batting away “ehgeeya!” (Baby, in Korean).  Now, Daniel is a grown Man, living in another Country and David is a mere month or two away from completing his Freshman year.  Hell, it seemed like just yesterday that I was a Freshman.  Gosh, has it really been almost a decade?  Holy crap!

I get loooots of Loud Dad Sneezes (lol) but not enough time spent with my Baby Brothers.

Missing my Baby Brothers 😦

Your Squishy Monster

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