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Random Illustrations of My Weekend

April 2, 2012

There was (of course) a lot of Food

Oysters (twice) because I love them so much!!

New York Strip (rare) with Pommes Purée and I have no idea why it won’t let up on the italics 😦
but anyways (they’re just Mashed Potatoes) and I think that that alone should have been an indication of what was to come.  Pretentious food at pretentious prices.  My Steak was sooo expensive and not very good 😦  <–insert the appropriate sad, upset face here!

Pud Khana (seriously, what is UP with the Italics, lol) at my favorite Thai joint.  As always, delish!  I always ask for Shrimp, 5 Stars and I guess depending on who’s in the back making it, sometimes it’s so fiercely spicy your eyes start to tear up and you have to ask for extra napkins while other times, it’s so mild, you wonder if the Waitress forgot to ring it in as “extra spicy.”  Either way, I find the smell of Thai Food to have such a heady aroma, it makes my whole body tingle in anticipation for my spiced and spicy fix.  Crazy as it sounds, it’s very true =D
 I picked this up as an impulse purchase at Trader Joe’s and gosh, it’s delicious!  It tastes like Chocolate Cake, in a bar!

This is my Friend’s refrigerator.  They don’t have anything edible in their Fridge except endless bottles of Pellegrino.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  Oh and a single lost bottle of Champagne to keep them company.  Love it.

Even these fictional graffiti people found love *sigh* though, doesn’t it look like she’s grabbing him inappropriately?  (no, just me)?  ^.^

I was told that this Mural depicts actual townspeople.  That’s so cool.  I wish I could be immortalized on a public wall so that random Asian girls could snap a photo and blog about it, LOL


On the right, is the Mural.  On the left is the Fire Department.  On the same Street are like 4 bars.  My friend wanted to know what I was doing, lol.

I fantasize about sultry summer nights, dining al fresco in my backyard with beautiful, gleaming lights strung up on the branches of all the trees that live in my backyard.  Maybe some Paella or Tortellini in a thick cheese sauce, or Cherry Pie while you listen to the birds go crazy (as they always seem to do at allll hours of the night).  Silly birds, Cherry Pie is just for Squishy Monsters! =D

Maybe I’m a crazy bird who never wants to go to sleep. 

Hm, maybe.

Love you.

and you.

Your Squishy Monster (in italics) ^.^
  1. Everything you do seems so interesting!

  2. LOL, thank you =D

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